Clever Kid Toys & Games

Our Story

We'll be the first to admit it: Some of the toys our kids play with at home drive us NUTS. They beep and they ding and they are obnoxious colors and they break because they're cheap, and we can see our kids just glaze over while they're pushing the meaningless button over and over again ... and we're just over it.

We created Clever Kid Toys to gather something better: An online toy shop where we've sourced toys that actually help the children in your life learn while they play. Don't just give another piece of plastic that will find its way to the trash during the next cleanout. Give heirloom-quality toys that stand the test of time and help your little loved one learn and grow while having fun!

Love & Learn

Help the little one in your life learn while playing. We have sourced toys that inspire and educate.

Winning Service

Have a question about our products? Send us a message and we'll be happy to help!

Good for the planet

Give heirloom-quality toys that won't get thrown away with the next plastic cleanout.