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What makes for the best children's Growing Chairs?

You may have heard of the idea of a "growing chair" for children. It's a pretty simple concept but with great upside! These chairs feature precision craftsmanship to all the seat and foot boards to be moved up and down the chair as your child grows in size. No need to buy some sort of special clamp-on chair that will only work for a few months and may damage your table. These chairs can be used from as soon as your baby is old enough to sit up until they are into adolescence.
1. Durability

Kids high chairs get pounded by use. We don't mean to give into hyperbole, but if you haven't tried to scrape day-old dried mashed potatoes off of wood, then you have yet to struggle in life. You're going to want to find a chair made of quality materials, not some particle board junk.

2. Craftsmanship

When it's time to move your seat and foot board because your little one has become ... well ... less little, you are going to wish you had a chair that was made with quality tools by hand and has quality cuts. When it comes time to fit everything back together, you'll thank us.

3. Features

Ok, we are pretty proud of this one. Ours is one of very few growing chairs on the market that comes standard with an activity table and cup / craft supply holder. Make this more than just a chair for mealtimes. Make it a place your little one wants to be all the time.

Our Growing Chair

At Clever Kid, we sell one growing perfect growing chair and it can be used from age 6 months to 7 years. It comes with the industry-leading tablet stand and cup/craft supply holder. This chair is so multi-functional, we weren't sure whether we should call it a chair, step stool, craft desk, or child container! Mom and Dad will love it just as much as baby.